OGA MegaTech

Helipad Lighting System


Calzoni is a leading company in the Aerospace & Defence market providing solutions for Marine Handling & Lighting Solutions. They offer unique capabilities of integration of mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and optics to respond to evolving Customer requirements through innovative products, processes and technologies. Calzoni and KEO are part of L3 Technologies Corporation

Clampco Sistemi

Clampco Sistemi is a division of Calzavara S.p.A., an Italian company active in telecommunications and renewable energies sectors: Clampco Sistemi is the brand for a whole set of products ranging from aircraft warning light systems to antennas and probes for EMF measurements. Nowadays, Clampco Sistemi has earned a reputation for delivering the best solutions of aircraft warning light systems worldwide; the core-business, in fact, consists of design and production of customized obstruction light systems for different markets and applications such as Oil&Gas, Telecom, Aviation, Building, Power Distribution